SB: Justin Bieber, Don Toliver — Honest

Текст песниJustin Bieber, Don Toliver — Honest

Honest (Honest)
You’re modest, I like it (I like it)
You stay down and you the baddest (Baddest)
Find you in the cut, I copped it (I copped it)

Honest (Honest)
You kept it real with me from jump (From jump)
It’s 23 when you get dunked on (Splash)
I put it in and that shit sunk (And that shit sunk)

Off top you the sun in my morning
I tried to get away but it’s boring
You’re my safe haven I needed all along
And you’re my dime piece and I can’t take less than one

You the (Whew)
You the one
Trinity, you like three in one
Ratio, ten to one

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