SB: O.G. Black Star

[Intro: Talib Kweli &Yasiin Bey]
This one is real hot
Let’s go, ugh
Welcome to the Black Star

[Verse 1: Yasiin Beywith Talib Kweli]
Joy and pain, coin of the realm, both sides,racks
Such powerful current could make tears touch the eyes,facts
Grace for every morning, God opened up mine and thine, Alhamdulillah
We all on notice that any next moment could be the last time
You stand on this side, slow down, son, you’re killing ’em
But only the phony because the real don’t die, on God
All good for all hoods and palaces, poised throughout triumphs or challenges
Top rank, duppy conqueror skank
And the balance don’t break for any large or small bank balances
The parable of the talented, each generation
The wonders and the wealth of all nations
Is really chump change once you take into consideration
The living revelation that no soul could escape from
So go on, let a sucker say something
‘Cause even when they’re saying something, they ain’t saying much
I refrain from retorts and just pray for him
Stay away from him, roll through or rise raise on ’em
Bang, shine the Gamma, Bey on ’em
Shilahlah live from Bedford Stuyvesant, the livest one
And king said,”uh”
And even when we die, we will not stay dead
And I said what I said, so there it is
The light is not afraid of the dark at all
That part, Black Star (Black Star)
[Chorus: Yasiin Bey]
I want to thank you for helping me reach the understanding
That time is relative and the truth is everlasting
I want to thank you for helping me reach the understanding
That time is relative ’cause the truth is everlasting

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