SB: Supreme alchemy Black Star

[Intro: Talib Kweli]
Gotta celebrate life
Pay tribute
Celebrate and commemorate

[Verse: Talib Kweli]
At the crib, we listen to Madlib
Hi-Tek,Dilla beat tapes and that’s it
Supreme alchemy, refined chemistry, divine energy
We defined by our memories
On them days that I wish they took me instead of Beverly
I remember Rhapsody reminded mе that life’s ahead of me
I drop thеm non sequiturs to bomb executives
You’ll always be the winner if you decide what the metric is
Control the game, don’t be the game or the predator
Me, Myself and I such a formidable competitor
Descendent of a king I got Negus In my bloodline
A true king is fighting with the soldiers on the front line
When its crunch time, sometimes his words can be unkind
Handing and marching orders like I’m Dr. Lee in Drumline
One band, one sound when we combine
Most rappers just a joke its all setups and punchlines
I couched it in a verse it’s about as comfy as the confines
Of a prison cell where living well is a small ray of sunshine
Supreme alchemy, that ain’t what the reverend say
I never hesitate to show compassion cause that’s the key to heavens gates
To reach it they self medicate, the voices on my radio active like yellowcake
But Hella fake, why sedate when you can meditate and focus on ideas cause police you can’t legislate
Or regulate, always on time my faith is never late
So before every meal the proper said his grace
Celebrate, we pay tribute and commemorate
When you know your self worth you give thanks for your fellow greats
Celebrate escaping from the industry to get away
Seen the same kind of fate that turned Dumile to Metal Face
Celebrate, when you slow down we accelerate
So many cautionary tales I need some yellow tape
Celebrate, we elevate and we innovate
Diversify way more than your bonds we don’t assimilate

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