SB: The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing

[Intro: Yasiin Bey]
Automatic, hey
Automatic, uh
Automatic, uh

[Verse 1: Yasiin Bey]
Automatic, automatic, automatic, ha
Automatic as an automatic, ha
I’m automatic as a meditation, ha
Automatic as a trail of tears, ha
Alright, this way, try and feel, ha
The rogue soul don’t be the light, ha
Shed the light into the darkroom, ha
The light is not afraid that part, ha
Gang-gang variates dream team, ha
The local dream time always, ha
The address on Spectrum Road, ha
From the rivers of the true and real, ha
Sense over sensation, ha
Sweating on a hot template, ha
Twenty cell panorama, ha
Silence of the clarion call, ha
Waveforms bird songs, ha
Recognition is invitation, ha
Grace the gift you couldn’t earn, ha
Thanks again, rеport the work, ha
Not for free, freedom, ha
How you made it? Ask yourself, ha
Look to еverything that you desire
Look at the conditions that it’s put you in, ha
Through the honest math passive figures, ha
Pass the fixers, friendly neighbor, ha
Freshest labor, marry his native, ha
Local time, all ages
Forever is the current event (The future)
Life on this side is quick, quick
Trade trick, sorcerer
Insecure, synonym
Frankenstein tryna get estranged, ha
An ancient source matter strange enough, ha
I heard Dilla say “Turn it up”, ha
I heard him twice when he said it first
[Chorus: Yasiin Bey]
And that’s automatic, automatic, automatic
Automatic, automatic
Everything is not for sale
Everybody pays a price

[Post-Chorus: Yasiin Bey]
Cocaine cracker than a honkey tonk
Trailer park trash can’t trap house
All-time, all black everything
TMT fuck white supremacy
Cocaine cracker than a honkey tonk
Trailer park trash can’t trap house
Star line, all black everything
TMT fuck white supremacy

[Verse 2: Talib Kweli,Yasiin Bey]
What’s white supremacy
Mental illness
We bring the noise, you bring the gentle stillness
The trap door in the city is cat call
We with the shit, no need for the back and forth (it’s a trap, I’m sure of it)
Let’s get into it
Don’t believe you superior to the darker races
Just means you inferior living darker places
God’s amazing, we artists, this ain’t a product placement, huh
Love is a spiritual technology
I give it up to God when they clap for me
I love to give credit where the credit due
It’s beautiful, it’s the struggle faced by the destitute
We celebrate diversity with carnivals and festivals
White supremacy automatically going against us
Huh, the third eye is the point of entry
Huh, Automatic like a reply from a hipster
Automatic as a Pointer Sister, ha
Tryna conquer us with the pestilence, ha
This is common as black excellence, ha
They rewarded for mediocrity, ha
Huh, I ain’t begging for my equality
No, I’m too big to fail
Grab the bull by the horn then wag the doll by the tail
The OGs is in jail, the millennials is for sale
Am I dreaming or do our demons have tentacles and scales, ha
Automatic, automatic, cause of static
This a trust exercise like falling backwards
Gotta trust we your guys and we gon’ catch ya

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