Lil Uzi Vert – Drippin (Unreleased) (SPED UP)

Okay ([?]), okay, okay (Phew, Phew)
Okay, I don’t wanna argue ’bout no bitch (Not at all, no)
She only want me because I’m rich (That’s a fact, yes)
Another victim added to her list (Oh-kay)
Fuckin’ with my money, I lay that boy in a ditch (Tu-tu-tu)
Fuckin’ with my money, he’s gonna swim with the fish (Yeah)
Bitch I count up salmon, fried the white in with the chips (Ayy)
‘Member I was nothin’, now they begging me for pics (Ayy)
Put it in her stomach, got her droolin’ from her lips (Lips)
Made a hunnid K from a walkthrough, bitch, that’s a kick (Damn)
Diamonds on my chain and on my ring, bitch, that’s my drip (Money)
She tried to VLONE my dick, no, no, bitch that my stick (Lil Uzi)
Same nigga VVS’s just be drippin off my wrist (Bling, blaow)

Do you, do you realize I’m slimin’ on your bitch (Woah)
Same nigga, walk around with that shit on my hip (Woo)
Fame, nigga, that ain’t never changed me, not a bit (Not at all)
Old nigga, you should havе went and came, nigga
You hoes fuck thе same niggas
I can’t fuck with lame niggas
Tell me what you bang, nigga
Turn you to a stain, nigga
Already hit your girlfriend, and I think I came in it
In the kitchen, Lois Lane with it (Damn)
Turn that shit to [?] Superman with it
Cry from a [?] you don’t know what pain is
Yeah that was me in that Lamb, switchin’ lanes nigga
Fuck fame nigga, feel like old dog, you cane nigga
Listen, I’m vibe huntin’, lookin’ for them big fishes, yuh
Can’t nobody come up in the white kitchen, uhh
Can’t nobody fuck up none of my business, yeah
Shaved my dreads, cut ’em off and dyed it, yeah
Hit her from the back, I fucked up her alignment, yeah
She said she loved me when I was all inside it
Bitch, I heard that before, you always lying
Bitch, I’m tired of goin’ platinum, got to go diamond
Pendant on my chain look like a Heissman
They keep tryna find me, I’m not hidin’ (Where you at?)
Feel like I’m MJ, cause I keep glidin’
Know my diamonds like water, I’m Poseidon (Uh)
Boy you so annoying, call you Myron
Yeah, boy you so annoying, call you Myron
I’m so hot, I always hear a siren (Damn)
Kill myself, my doors, I suicide it
I like you too much and I can’t hide it
Only you and the drugs get me excited (Damn, damn)
My girl, she so bad, yes she a diamond
Boy you is so broke, so please don’t chime in
I believe everything take perfect timing
I believe I can fly, I feel like a kite, man
Stand on my money then I’ll prolly be your height, man
Shoot you up, on your block, my boys kill your hype man
Met a Spanish mami when I was indictment
My new ‘Rari too fast, yeah
My new ‘Rari too fast, slime green seats they python
Helicopter with 12, runnin’ from the light, man
Man, I took the wrong turn, slid all on the ice bridge
Diamonds in my teeth, yeah they cold, just like a ice fridge
Big foreign with me, I know that girl is a hybrid
She can barely speak, but I load her into my crib
I been fucked your bitch, put that on my kids
I ain’t got no kids, put that on your kids
Your girlfriend like me, cause I ain’t got no kids
Made a couple million this year right off show biz
Did a hit with a Glock, now bitch, hold this
You better not drop a dime, now girl, focus
Put you in a Benz, took you out that Focus
That’s a Ford, might as well drive Honda Accord
I can get way more than that boy ever could afford
He don’t like me cause I got his girl, well that’s of course
Pull up, you can lose your life, is that something you can afford?
Got a morgue in the back, yeah, that shit is yours
Yes, I can afford a lil morgue, bitch, I just was poor
Drugs all in my cup, ain’t enough, told my brother pour
Bitch, I am a dog, ate your girlfriend on the all fours

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